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River Rock Safety Plan 

We thought it would be helpful to share with families our comprehensive safety plan. This plan helps you know what safety drills we will be practicing throughout this year. You can also find this safety plan information on our school website. During this school year, we will conduct 9 safety drills to have students and faculty practice what we would do in the event of a real emergency. These practices and protocols also help us review what went well and what we can improve upon. Lastly, it helps us meet the state requirements for safety drills. 

Alpine School District has adopted the Standard Response Protocols as detailed in the program. I have detailed these protocols below with additional information unique for River Rock. 

Standard Response Protocol 

Items in red are only in place for actual emergencies, we will not be practicing them during a drill.

HOLD: In your room or area. Clear the halls. 

  • We hold to keep hallways clear 
  • Close and lock the door 
  • Account for students and adults 
  • Business as usual 
  • Parents will be notified via email and by phone of the threat and additional reunification information if needed. 

SECURE: Get inside. Lock outside doors. 

  • We secure when there is a threat outside the school. 
  • Lock outside doors, no one in or out, increase situational awareness, take attendance 
  • Business as usual. 
  • Parents will be notified via email and by phone of the threat and additional reunification information if needed. 
  • Authorities will notify the school when the threat is clear. 

Lockdown: Locks, Lights, Out of Sight 

  • We lockdown when there is a threat or danger inside the school. 
  • Faculty, law enforcement and district officials are notified. 
  • Check the hall for any students and put them into the nearest classroom. 
  • Lock classroom door, turn out the lights, cover windows, and report attendance. 
  • Playground supervisors will move any students on the playground to a designated safe area. Don’t open the doors for anyone, law enforcement will open the door. 
  • Parents will be notified via email and phone of reunification information. 


  • Turnout lights, close door, door is unlocked, take phone, keys, and backpack. 
  • Move to designated area (see Reunification Information below), take attendance, and display red or green cards. 
  • If a police evacuation is required, follow the directions of the officers. 
  • Parents will be notified via email and phone of reunification information.


  • Depending on the hazard, use one of the above strategies. 
  • We would most likely be involved in an earthquake 
  • Drop, cover and hold 
  • Evacuate when it is safe, follow evacuation protocol. 



In the event of an emergency, the policy at River Rock Elementary is to retain the students at the building when conditions are safe. Should there be a major disaster, teachers and staff members will remain at the school to care for the students. In the event that the school becomes unsafe, and depending on the threat, students will be moved to an alternate location deemed safe from the threat. Parents would be notified of reunification procedures. Please remember not to call the school if an emergency occurs. The lines will be needed for emergency communication. For a large-scale emergency, check the Alpine District website. Check your phone for messages from School Messenger or turn your radio to KSL 1160 AM or 102.7 FM for emergency announcements. 

In the event of an emergency, or a reunification, students may only be released to their parents or to another authorized responsible person. Teachers and the school will keep a written record of student releases. This emergency checkout record will include the time the child was checked-out of school, by whom, and the individuals contact information. Parents are asked to notify the school office of any changes in emergency contact information during the year (i.e. address and phone numbers). 


All visitors are to enter the school by the West Center Entrance and must first report to the school office and sign in at the front desk. Visitors are asked to wear a visitor badge while in our building. Our teachers have been instructed not to allow visitors in the classroom without office approval. Faculty and staff will also be asking anyone without a badge to return to the office to check-in. This rule is for the protection of your child and is required by State Law. All volunteers are expected to exit the building in the event of a fire drill or an emergency. School-age children cannot participate in school activities unless registered at River Rock Elementary. 


For security purposes, the school has cameras installed at all of the front and back main doors, playground, cafeteria, hallways and other perimeter areas. 


School administration meets periodically with the Lehi Police Department and other safety agencies to discuss various safety & health protocols. 


Our center west entrance is a one point buzz in the door. It’s the only entrance unlocked during the school day, making sure all visitors enter through our main office. 


In order to maintain safety on our school campus while picking up or dropping off students in our parking lots, loading, and unloading zones, please remember the following:

*No Cell Phones While Driving: Please do not use your cell phone while driving, to avoid being distracted from students who are coming or going from school. If you need to use your phone, park in a designated parking stall to keep students safe. 

*Walk in Designated Crosswalk Areas: Please make sure students understand the importance of walking and utilizing designated crosswalk areas. Using these crosswalks will allow drivers to see students crossing to help them safely cross while walking in these areas. We ask that students walk in the crosswalks and never run so that they can stay safe. *Do Not Park or Leave Cars Unattended in the Drop Off, Pickup, or Passing Lanes: This will allow for more efficient loading and unloading if cars are not parked in these areas. 

*Do Not Stop in the Passing Lane to Pick up or Drop Off Students: Our students are small and are often hard to see. If drivers are pulling forward , they may have a hard time seeing them. After picking up or dropping off students at the curb, drivers could hit students who walk in front of them to load or unload in the passing lane. *Please Pull Forward When the Vehicle in Front of You Has Picked Up or Dropped Off Their Passengers: This will prevent slowing down other patrons behind you and will limit frustrations from other drivers having to wait. *Make Sure Your Children Exit or Get Picked Up In the Passenger Side or Right Side of the Vehicle: This will help them avoid the danger of other cars driving in the passing lane. 



During recess we have a minimum of two adults supervising at all times. Our recess aides wear a yellow or orange safety vest to be easily identifiable to students. Aides are equipped with Walkie-Talkies to be in contact with administration and the office in case of an emergency or other communication needs. A first aid kit is also available to the aides as they work with students. Any volunteers and visitors must wear a visitor badge to be identified as a safe person.